Site Consultation

Before any camera is delivered to site, the area to be protected is surveyed by one of our engineers together with the site manager to ensure that when deployed our systems will meet the needs of the client and their site.   


  • Free detailed site survey and consultation

  • Full report and quotation

  • Fast Response

  • Ensures you get the right product and service for your site

  • Meets BS EN 50132 Requirements


“Last year we suffered theft of cabling and made use of OnGarde towers to safeguard the area whilst physical protection works were undertaken.  I believe that these highly visible towers were a real deterrent to theft and allowed us time to put in place long term solutions.”

Richard Smith,
Head of Infrastructure 
Heathrow Airport

“We received a prompt and trouble free service throughout the project.”

Gary Whyton, Director
Carey Group

“The service from OnGarde was excellent. We had experienced security breaches before we used their services; following installation of the CCTV tower and monitoring we had no further issues. They were also flexible with installation and removal dates.” 

Thomas Granger-White,
Senior Site Agent


Why do I need a site survey?

OnGarde believe it is a very important part of our service to carefully check the site or area we are being asked to monitor. It is also a recommended practice within BS EN 50132.

How long do I have to wait for my Site consultation?

Our engineers can be available to carry out a site survey between 1 – 3 days after you request it.

How long will it take?

Our site survey should take no longer than ½ hour.

How much will a site consultation cost?

There is no charge, our site survey is free of charge & part of our service.


Do our site staff need to be present for the site consultation?

Not necessarily but it does help if a senior member of staff is available to highlight the key areas that need to be monitored and answer any questions that our engineer might have.

Do I get a report as a result of the site consultation which contains recommendations?

Yes a copy of our site survey is available if requested

What happens if our requirements change after the initial consultation?

 As are engineers carry out a thorough survey which includes a site map and photographs there is normally no need to carry out a further survey.