OnGarde Solar Tower

Remote sites often offer an easier target for would be criminals, and these sites often suffer from the issue of having limited or no power. This is why OnGarde have introduced the OnGarde Solar Tower.

The OnGarde Solar tower combines three technologies to offer a solution that can work for up to 5 months with no external power.

In order to achieve its five-month maintenance free operation power OnGarde opted for a thermal camera which means no external lights are required. Use of the thermal camera bring with it the benefit of increased range of up to 200 metres making the Solar ideal for monitoring perimeters and large areas.

As well as the use of a thermal camera the  Solar tower combines an array of solar panels and fuel cell technology.  When the fuel cells near depletion we’ll receive an alert as part of your rental package OnGarde or its representative will attend site and replenish the fuel cell.

Despite all this technology the Solar tower still benefits from the key features of the Duo tower including the highly visible deterrent.



  • Up to 5 months operation with no external power

  • Highly visible CCTV deterrent

  • Low power thermal camera monitors large areas
    and perimeters

  • Completely stand along monitoring for remote assets and sites

  • Deployed in only a few hours

  • Automatically connected to our approved monitoring service

  • Video Contents Analysis Software for accurate alarm notification

  • Configurable detection area

  • Live Audio Warning to Intruders

  • Designed to meet BS8418

  • Onboard 250GB hard drive with over 1 months continuous recording


“Last year we suffered theft of cabling and made use of OnGarde towers to safeguard the area whilst physical protection works were undertaken.  I believe that these highly visible towers were a real deterrent to theft and allowed us time to put in place long term solutions. 

Richard Smith,
Head of Infrastructure 
Heathrow Airport

“We received a prompt and trouble free service throughout the project.” 

Gary Whyton, Director
Carey Group

“The service from OnGarde was excellent. We had experienced security breaches before we used their services; following installation of the CCTV tower and monitoring we had no further issues. They were also flexible with installation and removal dates.”

Thomas Granger-White,
Senior Site Agent