Why do I need a site survey?

OnGarde believe it is a very important part of our service to carefully check the site or area we are being asked to monitor. It is also a recommended practice within BS EN 50132.

How long do I have to wait for my Site consultation?

Our engineers can be available to carry out a site survey between 1 – 3 days after you request it.

How long will it take?

Our site survey should take no longer than ½ hour.

How much will a site consultation cost?

There is no charge, our site survey is free of charge & part of our service.


Do our site staff need to be present for the site consultation?

Not necessarily but it does help if a senior member of staff is available to highlight the key areas that need to be monitored and answer any questions that our engineer might have.

Do I get a report as a result of the site consultation which contains recommendations?

Yes a copy of our site survey is available if requested

What happens if our requirements change after the initial consultation?

 As are engineers carry out a thorough survey which includes a site map and photographs there is normally no need to carry out a further survey.