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OnGarde Duo

The OnGarde Duo Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower is the latest version of the OnGarde Tower. The all in one standalone solution for 24/7 site monitoring has been designed around the two key principals of Prevention and Detection.

The Duo tower still benefits from its highly visible markings and imposing 3 metre structure but provides a major upgrade in terms of lighting options. LED lamps act as a clear deterrent, enabling the capture of clear colour images and also has the added bonus of giving site personnel additional light. If an external power supply is not available 24/7 then the infrared Lamps offer the option to run for a full 72 hours without external power.

In the case of persistent criminals the OnGarde tower uses advanced video contents analysis (VCA) to rapidly detect any intrusions, once detection has occurred a live audio warning is given to the intruder within seconds. This live audio warning has been found to be highly effective at deterring would be criminals. Should a crime be committed against your site the Duo’s recording facility is of high enough quality to be used in evidence.

When choosing how to secure your site the OnGarde Duo offers an effective, proven, flexible solution.