OnGarde DUO FAQ's

How quickly can OnGarde be operational on site? 

An OnGarde CCTV Tower can be fully operational and connected to our Monitoring Centre within 2 hours.

What Power is required on site to operate the OnGarde CCTV Tower?

The standard OnGarde product can operate with 240V or 110V, both have battery backup of up to 72 hours.  If no power is available on site OnGarde offer a stand alone cost effective Hybrid Power Station that will power the CCTV system 24/7.

What does the OnGarde Monitoring Centre offer my site?

The OnGarde Monitoring Centre is SIA approved and offers its customers a 24/7 service but in particular specialises in a unique out of hours monitoring solution using Video Contents Analysis.

How does OnGarde connect to the Alarm Monitoring Centre?

The OnGarde system works best on UMTS but it can also run on GPRS, which is unique to this type of product.

How does Video Content Analysis (VCA) work?

VCA has a unique sharp motion detection system, originally used by the military. The system becomes aware of any changes in the highlighted area and will automatically report any changes to the Monitoring Centre. This change will then be evaluated by the Monitoring Centre Staff to avoid false alarms. 

Is the OnGarde product Vandal Proof?

Yes the OnGarde control and hardware system is locked inside a Vandal Proof Housing which also includes an anti-tamper proof warning system.

Does OnGarde meet any Standards?

The OnGarde CCTV Tower is designed to meet BS8418

How is OnGarde delivered to site?

A single OnGarde CCTV Tower can be delivered to site using a custom made trailer.  If more than one Tower is required they can be delivered direct to site and positioned using a Fork Lift.

Can the OnGarde CCTV Tower be moved easily? 

Although the OnGarde CCTV Tower has been designed to be sturdy, it can still be easily moved using the correct site equipment such as the trailer or a Fork Lift.

What lighting options are available?

Both the 240V & 110V systems are supplied with LED Flood lamps and infrared lights that come on and off automatically at dusk and dawn.

What other cameras are available?

An additional two fixed cameras can be located on the CCTV tower for permanent monitoring of key area.

Other cameras options available include a Thermal Image camera.

What if Video evidence is required?

The OnGarde CCTV Tower includes a high resolution DVR which can store up to One Months recording at 10 frames per second (fps) which is suitable for use as video evidence.

How does the Audio Warning System work?

All OnGarde CCTV Towers now come with Live Audio that is connected to our monitoring centre.  If an intruder is detected a live verbal warning is given to the intruder asking them to leave the site immediately or the Police will be called.