Crime Free Christmas for OnGarde

Christmas may be a distance memory for many of us but  we are pleased to report during this busy period there was no crime reported on any of the sites protected by the OnGarde tower. This success again demonstrates the effectiveness of the OnGarde  tower acting both as a deterrent and a first line of defence, potential criminals who ignore the site of the tower on a site are soon put off by the live audio warning they are given when they are detected.

Unfortunately, during the festive period there was a good deal of coverage in the news about the devastating floods which hit many parts of the country, this included some areas where the OnGarde tower was deployed, this included a site in Leeds. As you can see from the photo the flooding on the site was bad with the base of the OnGarde tower actually underwater, despite this the tower detected the highlight plank of wood floating by which was obviously verified as being no threat so no audio warning was given.