5 months maintenance and power free CCTV Monitoring for remote sites

We are please to announce the launch of our OnGarde Solar Tower. The OnGarde Solar Tower combines  three different technologies to  provide up to 5 months site monitoring with no need for external power or maintenance making it ideal for remote sites and perimeters

  • A thermal camera combines lower power requirements with a long range making it ideal for monitoring large areas or perimeters
  • Solar Cells to constantly top of up the towers power storage
  • Advanced fuel cell technology for long life without external power

The Solar Tower retains the key functions of the popular OnGarde CCTV Tower

  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Advanced video contents analysis for accurate intruder detection
  • Live Audio Warning to intruders

Crime Free Christmas for OnGarde

Christmas may be a distance memory for many of us but  we are pleased to report during this busy period there was no crime reported on any of the sites protected by the OnGarde tower. This success again demonstrates the effectiveness of the OnGarde  tower acting both as a deterrent and a first line of defence, potential criminals who ignore the site of the tower on a site are soon put off by the live audio warning they are given when they are detected.

Unfortunately, during the festive period there was a good deal of coverage in the news about the devastating floods which hit many parts of the country, this included some areas where the OnGarde tower was deployed, this included a site in Leeds. As you can see from the photo the flooding on the site was bad with the base of the OnGarde tower actually underwater, despite this the tower detected the highlight plank of wood floating by which was obviously verified as being no threat so no audio warning was given. 


Live Audio Warning - OnGarde stops them in their tracks

OnGarde have prevented potential thefts on two separate sites in one week as a result of accurate detection using Video Contents Anyalytics software & a live audio warning.

On both occasions the intruders were quickly identified within seconds as a risk to the site and a live audio warning was given. In both cases once the intruders realised they had been spotted they quickly left the site.

OnGarde in Action_!

OnGarde Launch Dual Lighting System Tower

OnGarde are pleased to announce the successful launch of their OnGarde Duo Tower.  The Duo tower allows customers to choose the most appropriate lighting options to meet their site security requirements . The unique feature of DUO tower is that it has both LED floodlight and infrared lighting options built in. Sites can choose LED floodlights for enhanced crime prevention or infra red lights for a more covert low powered approach.    

OnGarde and Navigation Security Partner

OnGarde and Navigation security are pleased to announce their recent partnership.

Navigations Security's Contract Director Richard Reynolds-Lewis

"Ongarde supply mobile cctv security and monitoring and we at Navigation are looking forward to working along side them and supplying both our existing customer base and new clients throughout the south.”