iGarde is a cost effective wireless video alert system that can be used almost anywhere protect your site and assets. The iGarde system uses small discrete cameras that can be sited at multiple locations either indoors or outdoors to meet your site requirements. Cameras can easily be resited when your site layout changes.  



  • Affordable, wireless and portable video alert system

  • Quick installation, no need for wires or external power

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Easily redeploy cameras as site changes

  • Discrete wide-angle camera for video capture

  • Video of event sent over GPRS or IP network

  • Event video sent direct to smart phone or our monitoring centre

  • Up to 4 years operation on a single set of batteries

  • Option to incorporate other detection services including smoke detection

  • Range of available extras including sirens, 2 way live audio and proximity tags

iGarde in Action

What our clients say

“Last year we suffered theft of cabling and made use of OnGarde towers to safeguard the area whilst physical protection works were undertaken.  I believe that these highly visible towers were a real deterrent to theft and allowed us time to put in place long term solutions.”

Richard Smith,
Head of Infrastructure 
Heathrow Airport


“We received a prompt and trouble free service throughout the project.”

Gary Whyton, Director
Carey Group

“The service from OnGarde was excellent. We had experienced security breaches before we used their services; following installation of the CCTV tower and monitoring we had no further issues. They were also flexible with installation and removal dates.”

Thomas Granger-White,
Senior Site Agent


What is iGarde?

iGarde is a stand-alone wireless outdoor and indoor video alert system.

How does iGarde differ from normal CCTV surveillance?

There is no need for expensive installation costs with a DVR or NVR & Coax cabling

Can I have more than one detection point?

Yes you can have up to 25 devices off each control panel

Does iGarde require cable to be run around the site?

No, iGarde is a completely wireless system

Is iGarde suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

iGarde offer products that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use rated to IP65

How long does it take to install iGarde?

Installation time is dependent upon the number of cameras but as all our products are pre-configured to your site, installation time is kept to a minimum

What additional deterrents are available with iGarde?

Additional features available include live audio, alarm sirens, door contacts, smoke & CO alarms as well as easy to use proximity tags or a remote keyfob.



Can iGarde be monitored or do I have to take action myself?

Video alarm clips can be either sent directly to your smart phone, tablet or to our BS approved monitoring centre, the choice is yours

How long are video clips and how long are they stored for?

A 10 second video of the alarm situation is kept on your account for as long as you need it

Can I buy or hire it?

iGarde is available to either purchase outright or weekly hire

If I purchase a system are there any ongoing fees?

The only ongoing fee is a small charge for a SIM Card and connection to the webeye interactive alarm service

Do you do a site survey before installation?

Yes OnGarde offer all our customers a site survey to ensure we can supply a system that is designed and installed to meet your specific needs

Can  the iGarde detection points be moved as my site changes?

Yes, your system can be moved as your site develops or even if you move to a completely different location